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Let your cocktails do the talking

Your bar selection can tell another side of your story- pick your favourite wines, offer your favourite sparkling wine or champagne -or choose cocktails that reflect the theme of your wedding.

Let UrbanSource Catering’s consultants and our sommelier create custom cocktails for your wedding. We’ll help you with your quantities for self purchase, or we’ll do the shopping for you, leaving you less to worry about on your day.

We offer seasonal fresh-pressed juices (with no additives or preservatives!) that will fit the mood and colour scheme of your wedding. We also offer house-made flavoured syrups and fresh lemonades that are delicious for cocktails and mocktails alike.

Go all out -and have fun to share your love or tell a simple and beautiful story, starting with the wedding dress and right down to the garnish in your cocktail! Your day is all about you and who you are, and sharing a new chapter with your friends and family.

Some of our favourite juices and lemonades include:

All juices pending seasonal availability.

Have an idea or favourite flavor? Let us make something that is tailored for your day.