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How To Choose Your Wedding Theme

The theme of your wedding can help you express not only who you are as a couple but also what you want life to be.

These are some things you need to keep in mind when planning the esthetic of your wedding.

Start with love…

Do you love the colour green, or the vibrancy of a tropical paradise or love the old school glamour of 1950’s Hollywood?

Pick an idea or a colour that encompasses something you love to help you get started. Think about how you met, what you have in common or even your favourite vacation. This will help you make a wedding that reflects who you are that is as unique as you both are as a couple.

We suggest starting an idea board on Pinterest and taking a look through your old photographs from moments in your relationship you love the most.

Which colors are you drawn to most? Is there one particular color or several? If there are several colors, are they compatible?


Many weddings have from 3 to 5 main colours in their colour palette. It’s important that you choose colours that work together to create a great ambiance without overwhelming your guests. Go for shade variations of your colour scheme as exact colour matches will also be overwhelming.


Flowers can end up being an expensive element of a wedding, go simple and elegant or go over the top, but keep in mind that not all flowers are available year round.

If the colour of flowers you really wanted are not in season, use white flowers and use elements of your theme to tie everything together.

Setting the scene…

Consider not only your wedding venue but also where the ceremony itself is being held. Either you pick a venue suitable to your theme or you mold your theme to suit the venue. Sometimes a more expensive venue will save you more than having to modify another space to suit your theme.

If you’re having the ceremony somewhere else, find elements of the reception décor that can tie the two spaces together cohesively. This will help tell your story from start to finish.

Keep in mind you may have to go with two different colour schemes, but try to find something that ties it all together.

Sometimes the venue itself will inspire you to go with a theme you never thought about!

Whatever the season…

Whether it’s a summer or a winter wedding, picking seasonal colours, menus and flowers will help you not only keep your budget down but give you a wealth of inspiration for your theme.

Something old…

Take a look at your parents and grandparents wedding photos, perhaps there is something there that you would like to incorporate. It could be a pearl necklace, the feeling of a great snapshot or maybe a ribbon made from your mothers wedding veil that you tie around your bouquet.

Overall, it’s a great way of reminding you of the love that created you and made you into the person that your fiancé fell in love with.

Make your wedding your own…

Why follow preconceived ideas of what your wedding should look like, go bright and vibrant or dark and sexy. Whatever you choose, choose what makes you both happy instead of what you think a wedding should be.

Choose traditions that you love from other weddings and invent your own- It’s your day! Forgo the bouquet toss, the cake cutting or anything else you’re not a fan of. Or perhaps you love the traditional wedding and you decide to highlight each of these markers during the wedding day.

Let them eat cake…

Find a cake maker that knows how to make a wedding cake, as it’s a skill that takes experience and the utmost care. Be exact with what you’re looking for but rely on their expertise, as sometimes some ideas might not work or will add considerable costs in terms of labour.

If you want an exact colour, make sure they have a sample of that colour. Don’t send it online, as colours vary on different screens. A ribbon or a swatch will be your best bet.

Consult the cake maker if you want to add flowers, some will wilt without water very quickly and some flowers can be poisonous.

The final touches…

Like Coco Chanel said "Always remove one thing before you leave the house. Less is more." So it is with your wedding, it’s easy to get carried away, so take a step back and see what is the most important. A few well chosen elements will make more of an impact when they aren’t competing with everything else.

Elegant touches such as uniting coloured font or a beautiful menu card, table numbers (or event table names!) and place holders that tie back to the invitation will be small touches that create an experience that start at ‘Save the Date’ till the night has long passed.

The people you love…

Your bridal party is there to support you from the planning stage till the day itself. Make sure they look great by forgoing the old tradition of identical and usually unflattering bridesmaids dresses. Pick a colour scheme, shades of the same colour or different styles of dresses in the same colour.

Here comes the groom…

Let the groom and groomsmen have a little fun while incorporating the style of the wedding. It’s easy to forget your fiancé is as excited as you are to tie the knot and celebrate with your family and friends.

More and more grooms are getting invloved. Let them help you put your day together.

Keep in mind…

It may be easy to get carried away, stressed and overwhelmed- so work within a budget, ask for help when you need it and don’t pick DIY projects that will cost you your sanity in the weeks leading up to your day.  Even professionals who do this day in and out get overwhelmed and stressed as they know how much this day means to their brides and grooms.

Keep it simple and just tell your love story however you’re inspired to do so.

With all that said, your wedding day is about you and your fiancé joining your families and friends together. It’s about the experience but most importantly it’s about love and the promise of love.